Serenum by Lisanatura

Addressing Stress: Costa Rica’s Best Kept Secret

Ready for 100% Natural Stress Relief?

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Serenum by Lisanatura

  • 100% Natural Stress and Anxiety Relief
  • Settles your Stomach
  • Aids Better Sleep
  • Non-Habit Forming

For generations people in Costa Rica have been using Justicia Pectorallis (the natural herb in Serenum) as a natural soother and anxiety remedy, follow their example and take advantage of the calming properties.  The herb works to alleviate the muscular and cognitive tension fueling your stress levels. Here at Lisanatura we have crafted this pesticide-free herb to create a complex which not only leaves you less anxious but, when taken before bed, helps you drift off to sleep easier.

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More Than Just Stress Relief

Take Your Newly Found Serenity To The Pillow

If you’re stressed then you know as well as anyone that quality sleep is hard to come by. Sleeping issues are often caused by the physical tension and busy mind you get when stressed, meaning that nearly all stressed people are unable to relax enough to drift off into dreamland. With Serenum, the herbal complex works to reduce and soothe the physical tensions and cognitive load keeping you up at night, allowing you to calmly decompress and drift off into some well needed sleep. We all know that when you’re better rested, you get the added benefits of; better focus, less anxiety, improved sex drive, fewer headaches and a healthier appetite, which is not bad for just one little pill.

Naturally grown, Ethically Farmed

The naturally calming supplement has been ethically and sustainably farmed from the flowers and leaves of the Justicia Pectorallis plant, from Costa Rican farmers who believe what we believe, that you should put all natural, environmentally sustainable products into your body, and that nothing else will do. We work with farmers who are committed to Non-GMO, chemical-free and pesticide free farming, meaning you get the very best for your body.

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What Our Customers Say:

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It’s great. I love it a lot and I will order it again


I am a huge tosser and turner and frequently have really bad insomnia…if you are looking for something to try to help you sleep through the night, give this a shot

Chris Currier

I have a hard time sleeping away from home, and these helped me relax in an unknown environment while travelling…I’ll be taking these with me when I travel, and maybe on particularly stressful commutes

Jacob L.

My stress levels overall are reduced, mentally and physically…it really does work



Laboratory backed and non-habit forming – Lisanatura will always have full ingredient transparency at its core. We want you to know exactly how much of each ingredient you are taking, and that what you are taking is top-notch. This is why we have been performing tests within our ISO-9001 certified Quality Assurance department since 1980, for ingredient integrity, contaminants and stability. Our relaxation formula contains only quality ingredients.

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